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Advertising and publicity are different methods of promoting and creating awareness for someone and his/her business and both contribute to online marketing jobs. Both may achieve the same goal at the end but there is a lot of difference between the two terms. Advertising demands payment but publicity is something which usually comes free of cost and is the result of our activities. It can be negative or positive. Publicity can exceed the expectations that one can have from advertising.

You pay for advertising and publicity is free
Online advertising jobs are setting new trends these days. Public relations are also touching new heights as far as career options are considered. Coming back to the differences, advertising is different content that one pays for on different media as TV, radio, Internet, newspaper, banner advertising, etc. On the other hand publicity is the free content relating to your business which appears in the media and it is regarding what others think about you and not what you want others to know about you or your product. One can gain publicity through gossip or news relating to some work you do and reviews of your product. This surely spreads word about your business free of charge. Advertising and online marketing jobs always come with a cost. Many people earn their living with online jobs which give the facility of working from home.

Employment scope in both sectors
The media people are always willing to sell publicity but one cannot control when or where your messages will appear. A press release may be helpful but not entirely. Whereas as advertising material is paid for, one can be sure it targets the appropriate audience. Online marketing jobs are helpful here as there are people employed to make sure your advertising material keeps appearing on various sites and pops up as and when you wish too. With the increased usage of Internet, this method is turning out to be beneficial for all the concerned parties. Advertising and public relations are two sides of a coin. They are inseparable yet very different. Recognising the strength of each can help better manipulate them to personal benefits.

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