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Even after securing what they thought was the perfect job, some people wish to change careers. This is not a bad decision, but there are several factors which need to be kept in mind. This is a critical decision of a person’s life. At the stage of making a choice, they decide to move on in a certain field to make their careers. They even move on to achieve the set goal but in all probability that they may shift to other fields to make their careers. They may find themselves suitable for other jobs compared to the one they had thought about. So there is every possibility of a career change in one’s life. Change is essential to prosper and to grow. Some may even wish to change their field in the middle of their career for many possible reasons. In the end, a career shift or a change is healthy, if done in the right manner.

When we work in different industries and organizations, we keep assimilating newer skills and ideas which lead us to be the individual we want to be. There can be many reasons for changing ones job. Some may not like the career prospects because of the seniors who they are dealing with or the co workers are not comfortable to work with. The reason can also be related to the frequent change in rules or tasks that is been delegated. But according to A. Harrison Barnes of, one of the major reasons that make people change or shift to another career is that they lose focus in what they are doing. Either they want a change in the organization they are working with or they want a complete career change.

Once a person decides to shift to a new career A. Harrison Barnes suggests one to look into every aspect of changing the field. One has to analyze these aspects carefully before the switch.

Your Skills and Experience

Look back and analyze the successes you have enjoyed, what were the projects you worked on, what activities you are good in, what skills do you have. Try to focus on what you can do and not on something that you cannot. You may be talented in different fields or have immense knowledge that you can apply elsewhere. These are known as ‘transferable skills’. These skills are invaluable since you can make use of them in multitude jobs. Make a list of all these things.

Check Out the Career Alternatives

A. Harrison Barnes says that apart from knowing about your skills by discussing it with your family and friends, you can even check into career libraries and also use online resources like the career advice section that is available in the job search website. One such website is where they provide career advice to people who are willing to shift careers. Compare the different fields that you are interested in. The field can be any – science, government, medicine or even working from home. The choice is up to you. A. Harrison Barnes suggests reading to gain knowledge about those fields that you are thinking about and also discuss it with personal contacts to have the complete information.

Lifestyle and Work

A. Harrison Barnes suggests you to keep in mind the lifestyle that you wish to lead. Your choice of lifestyle may make you travel to a different geographical location. It is up to you to decide what kind of people do you want to be around with or what kind of geographical area do you wish to continue your life in. Keeping these in mind and decide if you want a change in the area you are living in. Look before you choose the particular job for yourself. Research the various costs involved and the locale where you will be working from. The more comfortable you are in your work environment, the harder and better you will work. This will ultimately yield the results, which will help you grow and succeed in your career.

Salary that you think you deserve

Even your lifestyle will depend upon the salary you draw. The amount you earn and the amount you want to save for your future also needs to be taken into consideration while shifting to new jobs. Make sure that you take a calculated and measured decision. You should not move on with the fear of earning less than what you presently earn. Chances are there are perks, incentives and bonuses which will bridge the gap. Such perks can go a long way in enhancing your financial profile. Be it health benefits, a large performance bonus or a two week paid vacation.

Take Advice from All Possible Sources

A. Harrison Barnes recommends you to take advice from all possible sources and especially from people who have gone in for career changes. They are the best people for any suggestion or advice you are looking for. They can very well guide you in shifting careers.

Chance for Career Progression

If you have changed your career due to the lack of growth, carefully analyze if the new industry can offer you career progression. This career progression should be such that your previous experience which you have should be utilized for the betterment of the organization as a whole and for your personal development too. Ensure that the industry has a good scope for future expansion.

These few steps will help you change career according to your choice. Make sure you go for a complete analysis of your new industry and only then shift your career. A. Harrison Barnes suggests that you shouldn’t leave your present job unless you have made a secure decision of your future prospect.

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