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Whether you are starting a new construction project, renovating a building, or are about to start up an infrastructure and are looking to fill up construction superintendent employment opportunities, construction safety is a matter of prime concern in all the above cases. In the year 2001, around 1200 construction site workers succumbed to death after occupational injuries. Apart from this there were more than 4 lac people who suffered non-fatal injuries.

The main areas where construction site workers are exposed to accidents, injuries and eventually death include the following: falls from height, excavation accidents, motor vehicle crashes, machines, electrocution, and being struck by falling objects. Hazards whose effects are not as quick, but in the long run turn into illness include those occurring due to solvents, asbestos, noise, as well as manual handling activities.

There are some problems over which contractors and others do not have any control and on the other hand are those problems which can be avoided by following industry standards or guidelines. To inculcate safe habits for construction works, planning, training and inspections must be stressed upon. When hiring for construction superintendent employment opportunities or other job opportunities, people with proper educational backgrounds should be insisted upon. Rather when contractors or employers are on a superintendent job search, they should look for people who have undergone certification or course work on safety measures. While hiring people for construction superintendent jobs or any other job in the industry, emphasis should be laid on standards.
Contractors should play an active role in construction safety and be more vigilant when they oversee construction projects.

Compliance with environmental and safety laws should also be ensured. The only way to escape the ills of occupational accidents is to avoid them. They can be avoided with vigilance, training and emphasizing on safety trainings. Those who are on construction superintendent employment opportunities should visit the construction sites from time to time. By following the fair practices code or the industry standards for construction works, safety benefits can be enjoyed or injuries to workers can be avoided.

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