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There is no denying the severity of the economic crisis; but it is equally important to accept the situation and start building your resources for the days ahead. Concentrating on conducting a job search is not easy – but with effort and perseverance, you should be able to tide over.

According to an online report citing the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be 13.7 million new jobs by the year 2010 in the services sector. The wholesale and retail trade will also witness an increase and will see 3.9 million new jobs by the same period. While the services and wholesale and retail trade sectors may not be indicative of the economy as a whole, these may be pointers to the fact that the economy may see brighter days in the near future.

Meanwhile, what are the trends being followed in the job market currently?
You can check out what others, including your contemporaries, are doing in the current economic and employment scenario. This will help you make an effective choice regarding your own career path. Some pointers to current trends can be turning to studies again to add to your own learning.

Is There an Increased need for a Particular Skill Set?
Do you think you could benefit from a computer course or a quick course in accounts and business management? Talk to a few people within your professional circle as well as those in sectors such as human resources, to find out what kind of qualifications they are looking at, in candidates. They can throw some light on current employment requirements and what recruiters are looking for in an employee.

Are You Willing to Take up a Different Profile?
This can be a big pointer towards how adaptable you are and what you are willing to undertake in order to accomplish your career goals. Often, in case of no vacancy in a particular department, you may be asked to start working in another position. You can choose to take up this arrangement and move to the department of your choice once things are more settled and moving into a positive phase.

Willing to Relocate:
If your company is dealing with financial or economic crises and has decided to shut down one office, are you willing to move to another place or do you want to stay put in the same place at the cost of a job? A lot can depend on this decision of yours as the company may choose to hire someone else at the new place. In a depressed economy, being willing to relocate for your company may help you retain your job which might get taken away from you otherwise.

Willing to Take a Pay Cut:
This is applicable not only to a depressed economy, but also to a company that may be struggling to make ends meet financially. Depending on your personal needs and liabilities, you can choose to stay in your current job and accept a cut in the pay and other benefits or decide to move out or quit. If you choose to stay back, remember to keep an eye on the way things are moving and if you are willing to accept the fact that the company may choose to shut down its operations.

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