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Anyone who’s an animal lover and specifically pet owners might have a golden opportunity to make their passion a career option. The National Pet Owners Survey discovered almost 63% of every American home has a pet. That’s just over 71 million families who share their space with Fido; many even have more than one pet. That’s quite the clientele for anyone wishing to make their mark in the pet industry – and it’s a fast growing sector, too.

In fact, many dog trainers and other pet professionals who hang their own welcome signs out in an effort to draw others who are interested in this specialized sector are reporting impressive turnouts and a lot of interest in these fields, says A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder.

“While it’s not usually the first thing that pops into one’s mind when he’s pondering his career options, it’s very quickly proving to be a satisfying and lucrative choice for animal lovers across the nation”, says Barnes.  And if the only job you can think of that includes other people’s pets is a dog walking gig, think again. Veterinary technicians, bloggers, new product testers (no, you won’t be required to taste the dog food, but you will be required to record any reaction your pet has towards it) and pet chauffeurs are just a few of the many options. This, coupled with the ability to opt for full time or part time employment is enough to cause many to seriously consider it. Still, there are those pesky business considerations, says the founder.

“There are always potential pitfalls”, says A. Harrison Barnes. There are many organizations on a national level that welcome the opportunity to provide all the information one could need to set up shop. You’ll need to know the basics, of course, your bookkeeping efforts, IRS issues and insurance considerations are all very important. You’ll also need to know where to find your first customers, how to determine your rates and your responsibilities to any employees you might choose to hire.

Still, even if the legalities are a bit overwhelming, you can find experts to provide assistance in those technical areas. After all, you’re focused on being the best pet care business in your area. Your investment will vary too, cautions Barnes. “Depending on what services you want to offer, your investment can easily rise quickly; this is one reason many experts suggest taking a more conservative approach to building a business such as this”.

It’s hard work, no doubt, but when it’s right, that hard work will certainly pay off on many levels. Stay at home moms, part time employees and those who are underemployed are all excellent candidates for a business venture such as this. And if you’re not sure about whether or not it’s the right business opportunity for you, Barnes recommends volunteering some of your time at your local vet’s office in an effort to get a true sense of what a typical day would be like. Even the most passionate animal lovers and pet owners can realize a little barking goes a long way and as we know, barking is an all day event in a veterinarian’s office.

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