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In today’s environment where every penny is counted and costs are cut to the core, the only thing there seems to be an abundance of is creativity and good intentions. Local police departments are protecting their communities with less and law firms are hoping their teams are open to multi-tasking as their case loads continue to grow. A. Harrison Barnes, lawyer and founder, says it could take years for different governmental agencies and even the private sector to recoup the cuts made during the recent economic meltdown. Even as businesses are looking to rehire laid off employees or hire new employees, they’re running into problems of the financial kind.

The founder says there are ways to recoup, though. For instance, police departments, law firms and other law enforcement agencies might benefit from any of the hundreds of government grants reserved for the training of new employees, improvements to their facilities and upgrades to their technological arsenals. The problem is many aren’t aware of their existence.

Here are just a few of the grants that are available right now for businesses in the legal field:

  • The Department of Justice offers grants for mentoring programs. Focused towards reducing juvenile delinquency rates, officials can not only better serve their kids and teens, but they can improve their overall communities.
  • Police departments can apply for grants to purchase new computers that will be used to investigate internet predators. Another grant geared towards juveniles is the “Second Chance Act Youth Offender Reentry Initiative”. As the title suggests, the goal of this grant is to allow courts and law enforcement to focus on rehabilitation instead of harsh punishments.
  • Still another grant can be applied for that will better serve victims of crimes in communities.
  • The National Institute of Justice offers a grant for hiring new employees willing to undergo forensic science training.

Of course, these are just a few of the hundreds of grants available. A. Harrison Barnes says that while there are guidelines that must be adhered to, these grants are there for a reason: to improve the lives of Americans throughout the country, whether directly or indirectly. These monies will allow for new police officers, paralegals and other professionals to be hired, but they don’t serve their purpose if no one is willing to do the work to secure the funds. Barnes advises an organized approach, incorporating a checklist for the various documents that usually must be submitted with the application and complete disclosure will keep the entire process streamlined while eliminating much of the frustrating red tape.

Finding the applications packages is easy, too. A search for “government grants” or “government grants for hiring employees” will provide links to the government’s many grants pages. Once you’ve secured the funds, be sure to visit to find those new employees who stand ready to fill those new positions.

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