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Quitting a job is often a result of one or many deciding factors. The factors can be job satisfaction, money or even freedom. And when there is significant curtailing of your freedom while you’re at your job means you’re in a manipulating job. That is, your employer has not been truthful and transparent enough when you were recruited. So how do you quit a manipulating Job Opportunity?

Granted that you cannot do as you please when you’re working under someone and have some responsibility, but that does not mean even for once that your employer(s) can manipulate you as they want.

Yes, a goal has to be set so that you can have a clear idea about what you’re working on. But if you’re in a manipulating job, it is time for you to quit. Here are the top ways of quitting a manipulative job:

  • Offering a Resignation: What can be the simplest way of getting out of the job trap other than offering your resignation? Make sure that you’ve a job at hand when you’re offering your resignation; in these times of recession one can’t be too sure of anything! Walk up to your employer and hand over your resignation letter to them and then walk out free!
  • Convince Your Employer that You are still the Best Man: Your work speaks volumes about your ability and justifies your recruitment for the job. Even while quitting you can make sure that you floor your employer with your credentials. Maybe then, they can offer you some incentives to stay back and stop the ‘exploitation’ that they might have been carrying out with you! There are many ways and methods to put and present your resignation in a manner – such that even your quitting the job has a ‘winning’ part in it. That is, only if you’re giving a chance to your employer to negotiate with you and NOT accept your resignation!
  • Convey Your Regards through your Peers: This works when you’re at the executive posts or even in the board of directors. That means that you should be amongst the top brass in the company you’re working for. Your peers will undoubtedly also be in the same league (seniority wise) as you; therefore if you can trust someone in the group who will not make the matter overblown and out of proportions, you can use this trick to get matters worked upon. Actually this practice has been in use in the corporate world where the top brass may voice and vent disapproval on a matter by means of peers!
  • Quit for Freedom: Job satisfaction THE single most important reason why you’re at the desk. If at any point of time you feel that you’re being exploited or not given due recognition for your efforts, you can surely choose to side with your ‘freedom’ and dump the Job Opening you’re in. You wouldn’t want a life of stress and depression thereafter. Would you?

These are the easy ways to quit a job. These are tried and tested methods of quitting your manipulating job that includes a bit of diplomacy and lots of wisdom!

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