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The forecasts are in and the outlook doesn’t look healthy for those seeking jobs. Moody’s Economy is forecasting only a 1.1% growth across all sectors over the next twelve months. This conclusion is a combination of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Current Employment Statistics as well as new policies and updates from the Federal Reserve. A. Harrison Barnes, career coach and founder, says the forecast covers the timeframe between September 1, 2010 and August 31, 2011. The report also provides a breakdown of each state. Only two states, Texas and New Mexico, are expected to increase hiring by 2% or more on average. Vermont is expected to see a drop of 0.3%. Most states, however, are anticipating at least a leveling out of the numbers and possibly a small increase.

Here is a look at several job sectors and the outlook for each:

In the education and health services arena, Nevada is predicted to lose 2.6% of its jobs while New Mexico is expecting a 3.2% growth, which is interesting considering the close proximity of the two states, says A. Harrison Barnes.

In the construction sector, the southeast U.S. will be hit especially hard. Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi will all see the layoffs continue through late 2011. The east coast, however, will see some new hires. Virginia, the Carolinas and Florida are all expected to be hiring construction employees.

The financial sector has a few surprises, as well, says the founder. Alabama, Kentucky and South Dakota are the only three states that will see a growth of 2% or more, while the majority of the remaining states should level off with no layoffs, but no new hires either. Only Oklahoma and Idaho will see cuts of more than 2%.

Surprisingly, the retail field isn’t expected to experience any cuts in any state. In fact, says Barnes, most states will continue to hire sales clerks and other retail personnel, with Texas, New Mexico, Arkansas and Alabama growing at more than 2%.

Manufacturing will be responsible for Wyoming’s drop of 2%, but it will also result in a 3% increase in New Mexico. New Hampshire is expected to add manufacturing jobs too.

The business sector is the big winner. New Hampshire will be increasing its available jobs by 6% while both Oregon and New Mexico will see growth by 4%. Only Mississippi will remain steady and Wisconsin is the sole state that will lose jobs within this sector – up to a 1% change.

As with most things economic, Barnes is quick to reiterate that seemingly small events can change this outlook overnight; still, looking at the broad picture, it appears the job outlook will remain less than ideal for many. Even as the hospitality industry appears to be on the rebound, many Americans are still reporting they will be cutting their vacations short or opting to stay home versus traveling with the family.

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