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Looking for a New Job can be a tedious process this is especially the case if one is not prepared with all the necessary tools. More often than not, one is in competition with people who are unknown to them and possess different individual gifts and capabilities. This puts the job seeker in a difficult position since they cannot tell what their competition is like. In short, we live in a competitive world and for that reason, one has to put in extra effort in order to stand out. The situation is even trickier if one has just walked out or been let go from a job they had held for some time. Often such people start looking for their resumes, to update them with the latest information. The challenge in such instances is going back into a competitive market and being able to demonstrate an edge.

There are a few things that one can do to retain a competitive edge and to ensure they get back into the working stream. One important step is to update the resume. It is important to bring your resume up-to-date with all your significant achievements. It may be something as simple as a new skill set acquired through your previous employment to a new hobby that you cultivated while there. Either way, get your resume current with all the latest developments in your professional and academic life.

It is also important to have good references from your previous employer or clients. The reasoning behind this is simple: it is really a matter of trust. One of employers’ greatest concerns is not whether you can do the job (which is a question of ability), but whether you can be trusted to do the job at hand without supervision (which points more towards the character of an employee). Therefore providing good testimonials presents you as a credible candidate for any job and shows that you have been trusted with similar responsibility before and you managed to handle it.

Another key step that one needs to take into account is to make sure everything involved in the job hunt process is tailored towards the job you have earmarked. This may seem like an unnecessary task, but its significance cannot be emphasized enough. It is important to customize the resume and cover letter to suit the particular job market or company you are targeting. This will allow the employer to understand that you are really interested in the job.

Finally, it is important to start from the familiar heading towards the unfamiliar. This simply means it makes more sense to begin the processes on job hunting in companies that are similar to your former company. Chances are high that they might need someone with a similar skill set. You might get priority if you have been working with a rival company or other industry competitors. Based on this approach, one can be able to tell the need for his or her skill set in the market.

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