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Attorneys have different areas where they can practice law. They can either choose an in house position or can go for private practice. The choice is completely dependant on what they want. The demand of working in house is increasing day by day. Every attorney today wishes to work in an in house because of the benefits they get from working there. They do not have to worry about billable hours and they can earn far more per year than their counterparts in major American law firms. But getting through in house positions is not easy. There are very few attorneys who get the in house positions by replying to ads that are posted on the legal job portals or in the legal newspaper’s classified section.

The worst thing about replying to an in house job posting is that the employer is flooded with thousands of legal resumes for a single post from top attorneys who are very much interested in the lifestyle an in house attorney leads. This increases the competition and reduces one’s chances of getting the job, says A. Harrison Barnes. Most of the in house job seekers simply rely on either the legal job search boards or on their network of contacts to get the perfect in house position they are interested in. These are few of the ways to get the perfect in house position but are not the most effective methods.

Since most people depend upon job boards they ultimately lack in information about all the in house jobs in the legal job market. Apart from this they even lose a lot of time that is used spent on these boards and waiting for the perfect job for them. There is a lack of information because every in house employer does not post the job opening with these legal job portals. Thus a job seeker is not aware of all the in house openings in the job market. A. Harrison Barnes believes that this reduces their access to all the in house job opportunities.

In order to help the law job seekers or hunters who are interested in getting the best in house position, A. Harrison Barnes has created Legal and now is the owner of it. He believes that using Legal is the most effective method of getting an in house position for you. The other methods of getting the required position in an in house is very time consuming. You have to wait for quite some time to get the best in house law job.

Legal has a huge database which consists of job opening from every part of the world. Thus you can understand that their search is not limited to United States only, but it crosses the boundary of the States and searches for the best attorney jobs that they can and make them available to their clients. They even collect the in house job openings from the employers who are not keen on using recruiters. Thus you have more opportunities in your hand by using A. Harrison Barnes’s Legal than by using some other method.

You just need to make your criteria that includes the geographical location, the selective in house employers you are comfortable to work with, and say it to the recruiters of Legal Authority. The rest you can leave it to them. They will help you prepare the legal resume and the legal cover letter which will definitely catch the eye of an employer. Legal Authority will help you get in touch with the in house employers in a geographical area you are interested in. they will send your application to them and make sure that it remains in the employer’s desk and is not thrown anywhere else. They make it very easy for their clients to search and apply to their interested position. It is much easier and effective a process with them than by using any other method, says A. Harrison Barnes.

A. Harrison Barnes’s Legal Authority overcomes all the weakness that one faces by using these legal job portals and provides its clients with information that were not available to them by using the other legal job portals. In fact they provide more than what other law job boards can. They allow access to every in house position in the job market irrespective of its presence with any job portal. They operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week. They regularly update their huge database to update their clients with all the information in the legal job market.

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