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Chicago Sales Jobs – Tips for Working in Chicago Sales

Chicago sales jobs are very much sought after by prospective employees coast to coast. The city has been in the news since time immemorial and in recent years, with President Obama at the White House, there is no looking back for this great city. Sales are picking up and if you are working in the largest Midwestern city in the state of Illinois, you would benefit from these handy and time tested tips.

If you have to sell in the 26th most populous metropolitan area in the world, you better do some real time research and homework. Business is big in the city and Chicago sales recruiters always look for good talent when they hire for companies.

The city is the most densely populated of all American cities and is also the most American of cities in the US. For success in Chicago sales jobs, you have to hit the ground running and think on your feet right from the word go.


Network like crazy as it helps loads when you are into Chicago sales jobs. And when you are doing Chicago outside sales jobs, this particular tip helps. You should not interact and meet more people hoping to benefit from them, but think about how you can be of help to them. Customers are always looking out for sales persons to exceed their expectations. Create a niche market and start by catering to the segment right away.

Right pricing

Get the pricing of your products right when you are into Chicago medical sales jobs and look up areas you can cater. It can range from providing medical care, referring to physicians and doctors in their area as well as offering hands on help. Even in Chicago pharmaceutical sales jobs, you should be on your toes and think on your feet. By catering to the niche, which becomes important in multicultural Chicago, you can really beat the competition.

Be honest

Be harshly honest and try the most powerful words in the business that comes in handy when you are in Chicago sales jobs. Tell your prospective customers upfront what is it in there for them to make them purchase your product or service. These are very powerful words that can cut a deal in sales. Be friendly and kind, and lace your conversation with sweet words which can go a long way in getting repeat customers.

Use CRM tool

Another great way to work in sales in the largest city in mid western United States is to use a customer relationship manager (CRM) tool. After calling a customer and discussing a proposal, you may forget about it later on.  The CRM can come in handy. These are very handy tips for outright success and Chicago sales recruiters are going to assess your capabilities when you apply for Chicago sales jobs.

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Sales Jobs in Chicago – Top 10 Sales Job Opportunities in Chicago

Among the top ten sales jobs in Chicago, the pharmaceutical as well as the medical field in general offers loads of opportunities. It is a bustling city and one of the densest in the US. Considered to be a premier location in mid western US, Chicago offers loads of readily available sales opportunities. Sales management jobs are also very lucrative openings as companies want to turn around and make more profits after the recession.

Pharmaceutical sales jobs

Pharmaceutical sales jobs in Chicago are among the most sought after as each recruit is assigned a particular healthcare market for development.  By calling on physicians, caregivers, pharmacies and hospitals, you will be complying with the legal regulations for promoting products assigned to you.

Outside sales reps

Outside sales jobs Chicago requires you to be aggressive and motivated while your pursue industrial and consumer sales in an assigned territory. You will have to look for new prospects and also provide hands on customer support as well.

Inside sales job

Sales jobs in Chicago also have openings for inside sales reps where the paychecks are good. You could be trained on the job as no prior experience is needed for this position which offers large doses of incentives as well.

Regional sales manager

This is the best among all the sales management jobs in the Chicago area where you have to meet as well as exceed sales goals by assessing individual needs of both the internal and external customers.

Medical device sales reps

Healthcare is getting more focus these days and with ramped up insurance, medical device selling is among the top medical sales jobs Chicago. From the entry level, it is easy to work your way to the top. The money is good with chances of earning fat commissions.

Oncologist information specialist

Working in this position requires being the first point of contact for patients and caregivers. You will be identifying their needs and arranging for suitable care right away. The medical sales jobs in Chicago require you to be extremely patient, compassionate and possess the ability to think on your feet.

Rental sales agent

This position is among the most sought after customer service openings where you have to provide hands on care and support.

Field sales manager

To work as a field sales manager in Chicago, you have to be motivated and always brace up to new challenges. This is also among the most popular sales management jobs Chicago where experience will obviously count.

Sales Account manager

You will be interfacing with existing customers and developing new prospects. You will have to ensure profits for the territory you are assigned.

B2B sales rep

This is an entry level sales position which is sought after by first timers wanting to make a career in marketing and sales. If you are good, you can avail of liberal commissions and stock options for sales jobs in Chicago where prospects are bright for personal development from ground up.

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Top Ten Ways to Have Better Self Confidence

To stand out a winner everywhere, especially in your life – you need to have lots of self confidence. Self confidence will take you to places that you couldn’t have even imagined otherwise! 10 ways are mentioned here that will help you gain better self confidence and finding your inner calling!

Top Way #1

Knowledge. Update yourself about the things around you and more importantly, about the stuff you’re involved in or with. Ignorance is NOT bliss! With an expansive knowledge base, undoubtedly your confidence will also increase!

Top Way #2

Esteem. Always hold yourself in high esteem regardless of what anyone tells you. If you lose your self esteem, you’re gone. Never commit the blunder of losing your self esteem.

Top Way #3

Exercise. This is one factor than not only strengthens your body but is helpful for strengthening your self confidence as well. Exercise flushes out the negative energy out of your system and that includes your mind. Haven’t you felt fresh after a good round of exercising? That is one indicator that makes you feel confident from inside!

Top Way #4

Winner. A winner always is confident about his abilities. The winner never doubts his capabilities and never questions them. Instead he does everything to convert the weak link into a strong point in his character. Therefore think like a winner does.

Top Way #5

Aggression. Aggression is much needed when you need to build your confidence levels – the aggression being talked about here is ‘controlled aggression’. That helps you rise above others and not pull others down – that is actual aggression. The best example where you can see actual aggression in play is in the athletes (sportspersons). They have zeal and enthusiasm for winning that supersedes everything.

Top Way #6

Communication. Poor self confidence often results in you unable to communicate properly. Interestingly, these two are inter-dependent. If you can communicate your thoughts and beliefs well enough, you’re bound to have great self confidence. Communication is therefore often an important part of our syllabi and personality development!

Top Way #7

Opportunist. Become an opportunist NOW! Situations thrown at you are actually opportunities for you to grab. If you have a rational bent of mind, you’ll see through them and try to grab them the earliest! Needless to say, that will be the biggest ever factor to boost your self confidence.

Top Way #8

Optimist. Pessimists do not have a way. Optimists have very high self – confidence levels. That goes without saying that always see the good part in everything. Think rationally. Become an optimist today!

Top Way #9

Family. Family ties and bonds instill immense confidence in an individual. There’s no doubt about the fact that a family support means a lot – that itself is a great self confidence booster!

Top Way #10

Love. Love and be loved. This might sound philosophical but that is the ultimate truth. How does it feel not to be loved by people around you? Dents your confidence, right? So to expect love, you must learn to love first. Prioritize loving and you will find your world change. You’ll be happy too and gain immense self confidence!

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How do I Quit a Manipulating Job?

Quitting a job is often a result of one or many deciding factors. The factors can be job satisfaction, money or even freedom. And when there is significant curtailing of your freedom while you’re at your job means you’re in a manipulating job. That is, your employer has not been truthful and transparent enough when you were recruited. So how do you quit a manipulating Job Opportunity?

Granted that you cannot do as you please when you’re working under someone and have some responsibility, but that does not mean even for once that your employer(s) can manipulate you as they want.

Yes, a goal has to be set so that you can have a clear idea about what you’re working on. But if you’re in a manipulating job, it is time for you to quit. Here are the top ways of quitting a manipulative job:

  • Offering a Resignation: What can be the simplest way of getting out of the job trap other than offering your resignation? Make sure that you’ve a job at hand when you’re offering your resignation; in these times of recession one can’t be too sure of anything! Walk up to your employer and hand over your resignation letter to them and then walk out free!
  • Convince Your Employer that You are still the Best Man: Your work speaks volumes about your ability and justifies your recruitment for the job. Even while quitting you can make sure that you floor your employer with your credentials. Maybe then, they can offer you some incentives to stay back and stop the ‘exploitation’ that they might have been carrying out with you! There are many ways and methods to put and present your resignation in a manner – such that even your quitting the job has a ‘winning’ part in it. That is, only if you’re giving a chance to your employer to negotiate with you and NOT accept your resignation!
  • Convey Your Regards through your Peers: This works when you’re at the executive posts or even in the board of directors. That means that you should be amongst the top brass in the company you’re working for. Your peers will undoubtedly also be in the same league (seniority wise) as you; therefore if you can trust someone in the group who will not make the matter overblown and out of proportions, you can use this trick to get matters worked upon. Actually this practice has been in use in the corporate world where the top brass may voice and vent disapproval on a matter by means of peers!
  • Quit for Freedom: Job satisfaction THE single most important reason why you’re at the desk. If at any point of time you feel that you’re being exploited or not given due recognition for your efforts, you can surely choose to side with your ‘freedom’ and dump the Job Opening you’re in. You wouldn’t want a life of stress and depression thereafter. Would you?

These are the easy ways to quit a job. These are tried and tested methods of quitting your manipulating job that includes a bit of diplomacy and lots of wisdom!

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Top Ten Ways to Communicate at Work

Many of us find it particularly difficult to communicate at work. This might arise from a variety of factors ranging from shyness to lack of knowledge. Here are top 10 tips to ensure that communicating on the job is as easy as ABC!

  • Tone: The first thing that your listeners will search for in your speech is ‘tone’. As the title refers to communication at workplace, it obviously means that the tone should be formal and professional yet pleasant. People love pleasant personalities and they will love your pleasant tone as well!
  • Language: Again, when we are interested with our workplace only, you must realize that the language used should be as formal as it can get. Formal language does not necessarily mean that it should be bland and boring. With your tone and enthusiasm, you can even turn the most bring speeches and meeting minutes to one of the most interesting communication day ever!
  • Authority: When you’re allowed to speak on something, you must talk with a tone of authority. Authority does not spell arrogance though. You can be polite and have a tone that silences your critics at the same time! It all depends on how well you’re prepared and ho well you’ve done your homework.
  • Smile: Smile at your audience when communicating and they will reciprocate! But make sure you include your ‘smile’ in the right place and pauses; they might even make you look like a fool. Judge a situation properly and then think about smiling or not! A little smile goes a long way; not to mention that it is an effective form of communication and you will surely win admirers from your office crowd! You might even get some female fan following as well!
  • Confidence: A professional setup always likes people with lot of confidence. But over – confidence spells disaster. Confidence comes from the amount of knowledge that you have and how well prepared you’re. A confident communicator should be sure of getting admirers and lots of nods from the top brass as well! If you’re oozing confidence at your work, that means you’re a potential leader on the radar.
  • Friendliness: A friendly approach is needed to make yourself presentable to your listeners. People undoubtedly like a friendly personality more than a bore, who just comes in and reads out dozens of sheets of paper without a single change in expression or otherwise!
  • Interaction: Interaction with your listeners makes them feel important as well as making your apparently more involved. More than that, you win friends at work. People feel flattered when they are given individual attention – spare this for your boss!
  • Eye Contact: Effective communication at work or anywhere else begins with eye contact. When addressing a lot of people, make sure that your eyes hover on the left and right of it and also at the front and back.
  • Communication Tools and Technology: With the main innovation coming to aid communication, it has got only easier to communicate. Use tools and communication technology at workplace to put your point forth nicely.
  • Clarity: The language should be as clear as you can make it. Do not make your communication language unnecessarily complicated with unnecessary use of jargons and ambiguous language.

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Looking For Paralegal Jobs- NYC Has Them

If you are a person who holds a valid degree in paralegal studies and ready to assist attorneys and judges in their work and simplify their time management then the city of New York have certain exciting job offers for you. This articles aims at giving you information regarding those jobs. Take a look at the options that are available to you in the city of New York.

Trusts and estates paralegal

The location of this company is downtown Manhattan. The compensation provided to you will be $70000 annually with paid overtime. Tuition reimbursement and conveyance fare are the two things along with bonus that you can jolly well expect from this job. It happens to be a reputed global law firm. As a paralegal you have quite a number of duties to perform.

Some of the important duties that you are expected to perform are the collection and arranging of the estate tax returns as well as exhibits, you are expected to interact daily with clients, associates and partners, and you need to assist in the retrieval of certain documents that are important for the purpose of audit and many more. But to apply for this you must ensure that you have a 4 year degree with some exposure in real estates matter.

ING insurance Americas

The job title in which you are most likely to join here is the title of a senior paralegal. A full time job is being offered out here and your salary will commensurate along with the experience you gain. They pride themselves over the financial products and services they provide worldwide. Your job in this organization will be to help the deputy general counsel and the senior counsel.

You are required to provide secretarial, report and tracking support along with paralegal support. You are also expected to schedule the appointments along with the maintaining of the calendars. It is you who would directly interact with clients over the phone and arrange the travels and prepare the reports on expenses properly.

You need to prepare and arrange correspondence, help the counsel by regulating the mails in the email box. Along with a competitive salary the company also aims at providing medical and dental coverage packages. Paid time off is something that you can expect. Company holidays will also be provided.

Litigation paralegal

This international law firm is very prestigious and employs more than 500 lawyers. For its New York office it is in search of a litigation paralegal. But the candidate must have an experience of 8 years in the field of general litigation and defense.

Erisa paralegal

Along with a paralegal certificate a baccalaureate degree is also looked forward by this firm. The candidate is expected to have good communication skills and his level of interaction with clients will be quite extensive so he must be in a position to handle that.

Other than the above, there are part time jobs available in the city as well. So send in your resume in the company that you think is most suitable for you.

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Paralegal Job Search

A paralegal is almost indispensable and cannot be substituted in most of the professions pertaining to law. Be it attorneys or be it the judges, everyone take the help of the paralegal for assistance in their own work. Legal researches are something most paralegals do in order to assist in the works of judges and at the same time they also provide their service to attorneys by taking care of the clients.

By taking the service of a paralegal most of the attorneys are able to devote their time doing things which are of more importance to them. If you are a person with a legal training background then paralegal job search will not be a very long drawn process for you.

Your first step to search the right kind of paralegal jobs would simply consist of looking in the classified ads. Browse through the legal section portion to find the heading “help wanted”.

Next you must make an effort of sending your CV or your resume to the local attorneys. You must make sure that you are properly illuminating your previous job experiences in this field and also do not forget to mention your qualification that is of relevance for the job you wish to apply for. You must also take the effort of including the cover letter where you may specify that it is of great convenience to you that you get the opportunity to discuss your potentials and future as a paralegal.

Another thing that proves very helpful is the assistance provided by the school placement office of your own institution. The institution from where you have qualified with the prestigious degree can be of good help in giving you links of such firms where your services will be looked forward. Usually the placement office of your institution will have contacts with attorneys all over your state and can successfully establish your contacts with them or at least give you some general guidelines as to how to go about with this procedure.

You need to browse through some of the good and effective websites that would allow you to post your resume there and establish contacts with attorneys all over the country. You should go for such a website where you can also manage a useful talk with the experts who have been working in this field for a considerable amount of time. can be such a responsible site which can ensure you the above services and benefits. You may definitely choose to find out many other websites which are as effective as this.

Lastly for paralegal job search you can definitely go for cold calling techniques. You must not have any inhibitions regarding this. Get hold of your local directory and start giving calls to attorneys and describe in brief that how your service can be of any use to them. This is a good strategy and many have secured a job in this way itself.

So these are some of the steps that you are expected to take when in search of a job as a paralegal.

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Working in Jobs in Public Relations

There are a lot of jobs in public relations, which is one of the highest paid positions in a company. The main duty of a public relations officer is to create good relations between the company and its clients. No matter what the company does that is illegal or improper or harmful to environment, the PR officer has the stressful duty to present all of this in positive light!

Now jobs in PR range between a variety of activities like collecting data to keep record of public interest and the current trends that are affecting customers and creating promos and events to gain support of specific clients. The PR Officer also creates press releases through the collected data. The main purpose of press releases is to promote awareness among the people, basically clients.

This field is readily expanding with new jobs being created everyday. You can work in separate public relations firms or simply get into separate companies. There you can work for profit and non profit organizations. There is a difference between both these types of companies.

In the first case, you will be working for a PR firm where you will have to handle the reputation of different companies. In the second case, you will be working for a separate profit or non profit enterprise where you will have to handle the public relations of one specific organization.

Job Profile

There are a host of careers in public relations. These include community relations, media relations, Employee relations, special events, marketing communications and fund raising.

Working in the Field

The work in public relations pays well but it is very hectic. Due to the immense stress, professionals may have to spend weekends or even extended work hours meeting deadlines. Some may also have to sacrifice holidays in order to cater to the demands of the company.


Jobs in public relations require some qualifications. Here is a list of what qualities you need to have to be successful in the field.

  • You need to have good imaginative skills to be successful in jobs in public relations. This is required because not only do you have to solve the present problems regarding reputation of your company; you will also have to figure out what problems might appear in the future.
  • Employment in public relations is impossible without good communication skills. The whole profile of this job is based on talking and writing to people. These people include industry peers and rivals, government officials, media personnel and the clients of the company.
  • If you want jobs in PR, you will also need to have a lot of self confidence. This self confidence will help you to deal with the stressful meetings and long hours with a smile. You will need to have a face to face contact with different groups and individuals and self confidence is very important for that.
  • Diplomacy and sensitivity to other people, groups and cultures is needed. Remember you will be in charge of protecting the company if it gets involved in some insensitivity issue with some group or individual. Then you should be able to empathize with the affected group or person.
  • Planning and organizing ability along with managerial and occupational skills are great skills which will put you two steps ahead of your competitors in these jobs.

So if you believe that you have these qualities, apply for jobs in public relations today!

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Public Relations Manager Jobs

Public relations manager jobs take care of the top most needs of the company. A company is a big organization with various activities. Public relations manager work is usually involved in the highest echelons of the company. While production, purchase and sales are the ground level functionaries of a company, PR manager jobs are on the highest level of company strategy.

If a mishap happens in the company and it is in fear of losing its reputation, then it is the duty of the public relations manager to make the company look the best possible. If on the other hand the company does something good, then it is again the duty of the public relations manager to make sure that everyone hears about it.

Basic Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of a professional in public relations manager employment is to make and execute such campaigns so that the organization is looked upon favorably by the public. There are many duties that a manager of public relations has to do.

He has to give interviews, write and send press releases, draft speeches, hold press conferences, oversee the charity programs run by the company and meet with various community leaders.

In fact, he is also responsible for representing the company at various social events. PR managers generally specialize in some specific area of management such as crisis management or event management.

Job Requirements

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that companies generally prefer individuals who have done graduation or post graduation in Journalism or Public Relations. In fact, they also look for candidates who have completed their coursework in business administration, advertising or communications.

But the fact lies that in top level positions such as public relations manager jobs, people are usually promoted and not directly appointed. It can take you seven years to reach this top position. Even if you do not have a degree in public relations there is nothing to fear.

You can always start by doing an internship and learn more on the job. This kind of internship also helps you to gather practical knowledge which becomes very useful for the future. However to be a master of this field, one must have good communication and computer skills.

Working Conditions

If you are interested in PR manager careers, it would be helpful for you to know about the working conditions of this job. A PR Manager generally has to work under very stressful and fast paced environment.

In fact, a lot of these professionals also work during the night and holidays to meet deadlines. You might also have to face long work schedules and extended hours during crisis. In this kind of job, it is quite common to travel. A PR manager also will have to meet government officials, media personalities and groups with special interest throughout the country.

Job Outlook

It has been estimated that the growth of public relations manager jobs will increase by 13% in 2018. This would create around 7,300 new jobs. As the senior managers retire or leave, these high level jobs will gradually become available to other candidates from outside the company.

In spite of this, Public relations manager jobs continue to remain some of the most coveted jobs in the country.

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Top Ten $100,000 Employment Opportunities

If you are searching for Employment Opportunities that will give you $100,000 a month, then you are on the right track. Yes getting $100,000 paying jobs are not much difficult these days. Look through our list of top ten $100,000 job opportunities and apply for any one of them right away.

1. Surgeons

Surgery is no mean feat. It just does not require knowledge and skilled handiwork. These days it requires much more- it demands stolid knowledge in operating robots and other state-of-the-art machineries. After all it is not possible to perform the complex operation of the present times without assistance from the mechanized world of technological tools- the robots! So do not judge your surgeons when I say they earn a mammoth $200,000 on an average.

2. Anesthesiologists

Physicians who had the brainwave to specialize in anesthesiology are now earning a whopping amount of income.  After all going under the knife itself is a dreary procedure and you obviously would want it to be as pain free as possible. So whenever you are scheduled for some surgery, you inevitably try to get the best anesthetist in the city- whatever price they might quote. No wonder their annual income touches a neat $195,000 on an average.

3. Orthodontist

Though the work of a dentist and an orthodontist sound pretty similar, they are not; just as their salary scale is not! While both are concerned with alignment of teeth and jaws, there is a vast disparity between the amounts of money the two earn. Orthodontist has a much more specialized and consequently a fancier job profile as well as a more lucrative pay package. No wonder they earn around $193,000 on an average.

4. Obstetrician and Gynecologists

These doctors, who specialize in administering healthcare services and treating pregnant women, earn a massive amount. Their average annual income surprisingly is $192,000.

5. Physicians

These set of people who have an amazing depth of knowledge about medicines earn a lump sum amount. They tend to be impressive academics and on an average their annual income hits the $165,000 mark.

6. CEOs

Chief Executive Officers are entrusted with the duty of practically running a whole company. They are required to have excellent analytical skills and an admirable stock of knowledge about all the different aspect of their company. Their annual income on an average is $160,000.

7. Dentists

Apart from occupying a place of great respect and prestige, the dentists earn around $155,000 annually.

8. Psychiatrists

With increases in incidents of mental instability resulting from stress, the society has suddenly started to experience a lack of good and efficient psychiatrists in the market. No wonder the remaining few are drawing in $154,000 per annum.

9. Pediatricians

Children are a constant feature in any society and so are Pediatricians who are doctors who specialize in child health. Thus they earn between $150,000- 153,300 annually.

10. Engineering Managers

These are the set of people who have given us the best designed architectural beauties of the present day life and for that they are rewarded well. No wonder, they earn around $120,000 in a year.

Next time anyone tells you that there is hardly any $100,000 job opening then prove them wrong. Inform them about all the $100,000 work offers that we have just mentioned to you!

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