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Public relation and advertising have often been differentiated with the scale often titling in favor of the former. PR was always seen as a potent tool to attract people and expand business; it is a form of advertising – PR didn’t acknowledge, however it is a different story! Times change and so does the situation. The situation so stands today that the two have become inseparable. There is no PR without advertising and vice-versa. Quite understandably, the fusion of the two has created a job that is lucrative, high paying but has high risk as well!

There are quite a few questions that are waiting to be answered to help you succeed in a PR advertising job. The questions may range from very basic to really deep aspects of the same. Here they are:

Q. What is PR advertising?

Advertising was always seen as a good way to attract people’s attention but often people (target audience) complained that their interest was not taken into account. This led to a different department within the advertising section known as the public relation or the PR. It later became a different department of its own, but that’s a different story. The corporate identified that it was smooth PR that would keep them in the competition. All of this happened after a monopolist reign, of course. PR guys became the most well paid and most sought after, overnight!

PR was given so much importance that advertising was overlooked – that’s when their business started getting affected again. Someone thought of clubbing both of them again and thus PR advertising was the new fad!

Q. What are the advantages of PR advertising?

Well, the main advantage of PR advertising is that you need not spend too much time in advertising at all! Since you’re involved in PR, the people (target group) realize the company’s commitment towards them and without even knowing, they promote the brand of their own. That is indirect promotion and is one of the important aspects for a company’s success.

And the best part is that you can be friends with the media too! One important thing that one cannot overlook is that if you keep the media happy, they will keep the people happy and in turn, the company will benefit from it! PR helps transforming an event into news and as we all know, news is what sells the best and fastest.

Q. What does PR do that advertising cannot?

Actually there is nothing that an advertisement can’t do. The only thing is that part of ‘involving the people’ in the advertisement is called a PR job. All the ‘polls’ and ‘interactive’ advertisements that we see is a PR exercise. The trio of internet, PR and advertising when come together; there is no stopping a company from getting what it wants! Such is the power of PR advertising. It is a great career opportunity and just by seeking to focus on these 3 key areas (individually and as a unit too), you can be certain of your product’s success!

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