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Public relations manager jobs take care of the top most needs of the company. A company is a big organization with various activities. Public relations manager work is usually involved in the highest echelons of the company. While production, purchase and sales are the ground level functionaries of a company, PR manager jobs are on the highest level of company strategy.

If a mishap happens in the company and it is in fear of losing its reputation, then it is the duty of the public relations manager to make the company look the best possible. If on the other hand the company does something good, then it is again the duty of the public relations manager to make sure that everyone hears about it.

Basic Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of a professional in public relations manager employment is to make and execute such campaigns so that the organization is looked upon favorably by the public. There are many duties that a manager of public relations has to do.

He has to give interviews, write and send press releases, draft speeches, hold press conferences, oversee the charity programs run by the company and meet with various community leaders.

In fact, he is also responsible for representing the company at various social events. PR managers generally specialize in some specific area of management such as crisis management or event management.

Job Requirements

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that companies generally prefer individuals who have done graduation or post graduation in Journalism or Public Relations. In fact, they also look for candidates who have completed their coursework in business administration, advertising or communications.

But the fact lies that in top level positions such as public relations manager jobs, people are usually promoted and not directly appointed. It can take you seven years to reach this top position. Even if you do not have a degree in public relations there is nothing to fear.

You can always start by doing an internship and learn more on the job. This kind of internship also helps you to gather practical knowledge which becomes very useful for the future. However to be a master of this field, one must have good communication and computer skills.

Working Conditions

If you are interested in PR manager careers, it would be helpful for you to know about the working conditions of this job. A PR Manager generally has to work under very stressful and fast paced environment.

In fact, a lot of these professionals also work during the night and holidays to meet deadlines. You might also have to face long work schedules and extended hours during crisis. In this kind of job, it is quite common to travel. A PR manager also will have to meet government officials, media personalities and groups with special interest throughout the country.

Job Outlook

It has been estimated that the growth of public relations manager jobs will increase by 13% in 2018. This would create around 7,300 new jobs. As the senior managers retire or leave, these high level jobs will gradually become available to other candidates from outside the company.

In spite of this, Public relations manager jobs continue to remain some of the most coveted jobs in the country.

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