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Retail jobs are probably the best kind of jobs for a mall addict like me! I absolutely love shopping, in fact, call me materialistic, but being in a mall itself makes me happy! So a retail job or even part time retail jobs would make me happy and, if you’re like me, then you should definitely seek out a retail job because, you’d be spending all day at a mall…and get paid for it!

Job Types

The retail jobs which should be applied for, in my opinion are:

Retail management jobs: here, you’ll be playing the role of a manager. You need to take on responsibilities of supervision, employee evaluation and of course problem solving.

Assistant Manager: This job profile is quite easy to understand, as an assistant manager, you will be helping the retail manager do his duties well. With time, of course, you will be promoted to the post of retail manager.

Sales Representative:  This is the entry level retail jobs which most freshers will be offered. You need to promote a product and make sure that customers take to it. Salaries at this level are quite low and sometimes, might even be a commission per sale.

Some Retailers To Apply To

The top ten retailers, with whom you should mind your dream merchandising jobs are:

1.      Wal Mart – Say hello to the world’s largest retail chain. The best part about them is that they treat their employees well and gives them whopping discounts!

2.      Target – Next in line after Wal Mart. This is for those with more refined tastes. In fact, if you are looking for fashion retail jobs, try Target.

3.      Home Depot – -If your home needs it, they have it. They are the largest home improvement retailer in the world. If you become a full time employee, you will get various incentives and health plans.

4.      Toys R Us – If the kid in you refuses to grow up, you can try this chain, you’ll be amongst your favorite things in the world…all day!

5.      Barnes And Noble – I love reading, at one point I’d worked in Barnes and Noble and I got to read for free! Plus, it’s a pleasure to initiate kids into reading, while you’re working.

6.      JC Penney – If you’re looking to sell upscale garments and furnishings, then try JC Penny. Last heard, the clients are pretty interesting and the job satisfaction immense.

7.      Borders – More from bookstores! Try a retail management job at Borders, they are known for their ethical treatment of employees.

8.      Kohlas – If you have always longed to get branded stuff at discounted prices, then you can try working at Kohlas, it’ll be an absolute joyride!

9.      Loweas – This is yet another home improvement retailer.

10. Borders – This is a chain of bookstores. Working in Borders is special because the opportunities offered to employees are quite staggering.

If you love malls and shopping, like me, then do apply for retail jobs, it will bring you immense job satisfaction; guaranteed!

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