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Performance management should be much more than a process for documenting and delivering feedback when HR jobs for fresher are concerned. It is a way to assist entry level HR jobs in knowing what their employees expect of them. It helps to develop skills and reward them for their efforts. Performance management tasks have become more advanced then just coaching and rating; they are a powerful tool for helping employees develop their potential to max. There are some such tasks which we all tend to overlook and they are an integral part of HR jobs.

Basic Performance Management Tasks
It is very important to get the employees to complete their self assessments. Engage the staff in appraisal processes making sure of proper interaction between management and employees. The idea here is to get the employees’ perspective on their performance. This way they get to share their opinion. Don’t worry about employees overrating themselves because self evaluation is harder. This will also help clear difference of opinions. Gathering a 360 degree feedback can help the employers in avoiding bias and get various perspectives on employees’ capabilities. Gathering feedback from various, credible sources create a strong impact and can be more important in resolving conflicts among managers and employees.

Align Employee Goals with Organizational Goals

There are many things that HR jobs for fresher have to learn. Knowing the importance of creating smart goals is one of them. The context of each goal is relevant. Align and link these employee goals with other organizational goals, to give a larger context to the employee for his/her work. This will help them understand the importance of their work and ways to contribute to organization’s success. It is a proven fact that context setting is important for employee performance. While the organisation is important do not forget to create development plans for employees. HR jobs are all about recruiting and maintaining the staff and development planning plays an integral part in the performance management process. Appraisal meeting can be arranged to discuss deficiencies and career goals. Identify learning activities; explore opportunities to prepare employees for advancement. The most important part of performance management is to reward good performance. This can be in the form of titles, bonuses, out of the way rise in salary etc. These are the boosting factors which will keep HR jobs for fresher motivated and keep all employees satisfied.

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