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Today’s technology is so innovative it is highly capable of enriching our lives. People are using the Internet and it’s many social networking sites to meet love — the person of their lives, reconnect with old friends and more recently, to locate jobs. Applying to jobs is now as easy as clicking buttons and uploading resumes, but can it really help you locate the jobs to apply for or even bring a job directly into your hands? Of course there are pros and cons to incorporating social networking into your Job Search and this article will show both the benefits and possible pitfalls to help you decide whether or not you would benefit from social networking to find your next job, as well as discuss the professional way to socialize on the net.

Benefits of Job Search:

Social networking allows you to reach out to more individuals who are capable of assisting you in your career search. Some of the benefits of social networking sites are meeting those who can help you find employment or employ you themselves, make it easier for recruiters to find their next employee (you), and show potential employers your skills, determination and personality.

Pitfalls of Your Job Search:

Simply being in the know about social networking doesn’t mean you know how to socialize and network for the benefit of your Job Search. The helpful social networking can take a turn for the worse and become harmful to your job search if used incorrectly and unprofessionally. You run the risk of losing out on career opportunities when you get too social and fail to display a professional persona.

Getting the Most Out of Social Networking in Your Job search

Using proper netiquette is essential in your job search. Here are some basic tips to help ensure that you greatly increase your chances of locating a job as a result of social networking.

Professional Profiles and Usernames:

Even if you already have a profile on a social network for communications with friends and family, set up another that is solely for communicating with business contacts and potential employers. Your username name should not be witty or sound like you are attempting to sound useful, i.e. goodwriter4u. Using your full name it is far more professional and a great introduction.

Professional Photos:

Never post pictures that you wouldn’t want a recruiter to see. Professional head shots are the best option, and you want to appear professional and friendly.

Use Status Updates Wisely:

Let potential employers and possible colleagues know what you are up to and the progress of your job search. If you are learning new skills or have an interview you are excited about, share that; and never speak badly about a company or interview gone bad, maintain a professional demeanor.

Utilizing Blog and Note Features:

Post your resume in a blog or note and tag any references (companies or people who have profiles whom you’ve worked for or with) so that others can get in touch with them if they are interested in having you work with them. Additionally, you can post a general cover letter in these sections.

Social networking can help the professional in search of their next job if they learn how to use these sites to their advantage.

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