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Most employers post the jobs in their own websites this is more convenient an option for it costs a lot of money to post the jobs on jobs boards or other online websites. One is always benefited by the jobs that are posted directly from the employer. This helps you have a direct link with the employer and no middleman is included between the two, thus providing the applicant a better opportunity to grab the job.

The best way to get hired is to have a direct contact with the employer than any third party doing it. is one such site, owned by A. Harrison Barnes, and it provides jobs that come directly from the employer. Employers prefer posting the jobs on this website than in any other online site that charges money from the employers to post their jobs. People prefer checking the jobs in the job boards and not in the employer’s website. Here, gives an upper hand to its clients. They have powerful search engines that find jobs through hundred of thousand of employer career pages and classifies all of the job openings in its database. The best thing about this site is that it does not allow any recruiters or any third party to post its openings on their site.

A. Harrison Barnes says that when a job seeker checks jobs on, he can be rest assured that all possible jobs directly from the employer are listed here. Members of are thus benefited more by the jobs available on this site than applying to jobs that are available on other employment Job Sites. The number of applications for a given job in is few than the jobs in other websites because only serious job seekers become members after paying a nominal fee. This increases the chances of grabbing the job because few applications mean less competition.

Searching a job is not easy a process believes A. Harrison Barnes, in fact, it is a frustrating process. But job seekers using are relieved from this frustration. This site connects one directly to the employers of one’s choice. It electronically monitors every single employer’s website and extracts and collates the information in its data If there is any opening in any company, will present the job. For example, if one has always desired about working in Microsoft, will update one with the preferred job as soon as it goes online on Microsoft’s career page thus making it simple for the job seekers.

Other job boards wait for the employers to come up to them to post their jobs on their sites; these boards charge huge fees to post a single job on their website from the employers. But A. Harrison Barnes’s site only collects jobs that are listed on the employer’s “Now Hiring” pages apart from other sources. Thus one can understand that most of the jobs that are posted on this website are not available or found anywhere else. And since this website is a membership-based service, there are very few applications on the jobs that are posted here. This means one can have an increased chance of grabbing the applied job. also taps those jobs that are not available in the job market. Many employers are not ready to pay to post the job boards. Thus their job openings go unadvertised and unnoticed. This leads to trouble for the applicants as they don’t know about the opening. They have to search every career page of every employer website which is not at all possible. It is not possible to monitor job openings in every employer website. Thus provides help to job seekers. It has invested millions to create a complex search algorithm that displays the most relevant employer-webpage results for job seekers.

A. Harrison Barnes’ career advice is that becoming a member of is the best option for everyone seeking a job and having their dreams come true. It updates its jobs list 24 hours a day. It directly connects the job seeker to the employer and thus doesn’t act as a third party. It has no position for other job boards, do not have sponsored results and also do not have recruiter jobs, but provides better and more jobs than any other job board. Every kind of job is available here – sales jobs, city jobs, government jobs, part time jobs, marketing jobs, summer jobs, construction jobs, home jobs, teacher jobs and many more other jobs. Thus the success story rate is higher than any other employment job website.

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