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Have you ever wondered why construction managers hold a lot of different titles? This is because they have a lot of responsibilities to watch over as well. A construction manager can either be hired directly be the company or are paid for by the contracting firm. They can also run the entire length of the project or they may share half or part of it with another construction manager. Generally, they are described as people who oversee the work of construction supervisors and the workers under them.

But actually, the responsibility of a construction manager is a lot more complex than that. First off, he (or she) is considered to be the owner’s representative in the construction site. This means that all of the concerns of the project goes to him. Although he is not involved in the construction of the structure per se and he probably has a number of supervisors under him that are tasked to deal with the actual workers on site, any issue on the project will eventually boil down to his final say.

But even before you start with the project, a construction manager plays a crucial role in selecting the people to hire as well. This is a very important decision because the competency and the skill of the people he chooses to be part of the team can make or break the project.

construction managers are also responsible for ensuring the smooth and timely flow of the project. They supervise the entire process – from the development of the construction concept down to the final construction. But aside from that, they are also tasked to make sure that everything is carried out in the most cost-efficient way possible. This means that the materials used and the cost of the labor should be run with minimum costs, without sacrificing on the quality of work.

For large scale operations however, most companies designate these different tasks to different managers on site. This is because all of these responsibilities are simply too big for a single construction manager to handle.

Large-scale projects may hire a general contractor to oversee the work of several managers which are tasked with different responsibilities. There are those that oversee the land clearing and site preparation, those that are in charge of actual operations on site, making sure that every piece of work meets the architect’s specific designs and requirements. Others have the responsibility of overseeing the job of other contractors that do specialized artworks and designs. All of them report to one general contractor who oversees and coordinates the work of one construction manager to the next.

Over the course of the project, they are also responsible for monitoring the progress of the construction. They regularly review the architect’s drawings; check details to see if all details are followed to the letter.

Without a doubt, construction managers are one of the most challenging jobs in the industry. So if you are interested in this kind of career, then make sure that you have both the passion and the skill to do your work and do it well.

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