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I doubt there’s never been a time all of us, at some point, have wished our jobs away. We go through these stages where we vehemently dislike our office, our responsibilities, our bosses and our co-workers. Usually, that’s a signal that it’s time for a vacation. Other times, with our two week escape behind us, we realize we dread it even more and that our vacation was further proof of how stale we’ve become. Below, you’ll find a few more tell tale signs that let you know it’s time to redefine your career objective and move on to the next challenge. A. Harrison Barnes, founder and renowned career coach says it’s important to acknowledge – and ideally act – on these epiphanies when you have them; with a solid game plan in place first, of course.

What are your Sunday evenings like? Does this sense of dread wash over you and you know that you’re only hours away from having to return to the office? Does it make you physically ill? Does it drain you? This might be indicative of a desire to find a new job.

Find yourself daydreaming about what you should have done or what could still do? A. Harrison Barnes says a growing thought process that includes you in a different job might be your instinct telling you this job’s run its course and it’s time to shake things up.

Constantly coming up with new excuses for taking off early or not coming in at all? This is particularly dangerous since you already know you hate to be there, but once you decide to start a new job search, if you’ve dropped the ball in terms of your attendance, you run the risk of not receiving a good reference. Hang in there until you can decide what your game plan is – and don’t burn through the sick leave!

The founder also says he’s had clients who developed depression. Of course, these are drastic cases, but it begins slowly and the next thing you know, that sense of dread on Sundays turned into exhaustion, which leads to withdrawal and before long, depression has set in. No job is worth your health. If the job’s just not working, you know it. Even if it takes a while, and especially in this economy, the act of making the effort – even in tiny increments – is enough to stave off the blues.

Most of us will change jobs at least a few times in our lives. Our careers are just that – our passions that we have found a way to make a living at. That said, they don’t dictate the rest of our days and they certainly do not define who we are. Keeping it in perspective will allow you to approach it with a healthy attitude. Take advantage of the opportunities offered – whether it’s night courses or even a lateral move. These too are temporary but just might lead you to the new career you’ve been searching for.

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