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Imagine graduating law school, passing the bar and then setting out to make a mark in the legal world. You have such grand ideas of how you want to change the world; make a difference and ensure you leave it a better place. You’re certain that passion comes through the professional resume you’re sending out and the networking contacts you’ve made since passing the bar. Four months later, you’ve yet to land anything more than the occasional interview with a law firm, none of which have panned out.

Now imagine having someone on your side who, in a way, goes to bat for you. This person helps you polish your interview skills, points out and then corrects any weaknesses in your resume and keeps you current on the latest in legal employment. This person has an extensive network and is willing to make introductions. That is how an employment advocate is defined. Within weeks, you’ve not only aced more interviews that the previous four months combined, but you’ve received offers, as well.

A. Harrison Barnes, a well known and respected legal mind as well as founder of, knows well the importance of perfecting even the seemingly tiniest details to ensure his clients rise to the top. He has been on both sides of fence, both as a lawyer looking for that inspirational position that would allow him to thrive as well as the consummate employment advocate who recognizes that same drive in those leaving law school, degree in hand and ready to change the world. This is exactly the reason Barnes founded

So what can do for you? Its streamlined access to the latest legal openings anywhere in the country is a start. Barnes wanted to do more, though. He knew that before those openings could be filled, a candidate would need to be armed with more than an ideology of how he was going to change the world. He also needed a strong resume that was flawless in its presentation and that also allowed a young lawyer’s passion to shine through. Enter the resume service. With a group of talented and dedicated employment professionals who work to provide head turning resumes, candidates suddenly had a strong weapon the competition missed out on.

Fast forward several years. Barnes’ revolutionary legal sites have quickly outpaced other similar sites. It remains at the top due to its quality services and dedication to providing thousands of jobs that are available in real time. It’s the ideal first stop for new graduates and seasoned attorneys as well. Now, though, legal secretaries and paralegals are included. brings together those law firms searching for brilliant legal minds.

For more information or to see for yourself the difference A. Harrison Barnes and his sites represent, visit or today. And while you’re there, take advantage of the extensive article database for even more career tips.

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