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A geographic information system is a method that takes allows you to work with geographic data.  The system allows you to store, analyze, and manage the data so that it is useful for an organization.  There are many different jobs in the field from computer programmers, project managers, cartographic designers, and database administrators.

Although many people look at the job and see it as working with maps, that’s not the case at all.  geographic information system jobs can be applicable to many different fields.  For example, it can be used in the real estate industry where your position can be used to analyze sales by area, analyze living costs, trends in the real estate prices, run a profile of all residents, and more.

Another example is geographic information system jobs being used in big organizations where they manage deliveries.  Your role can be to figure out the best routing, find out which areas are responsible for bringing in the most sales, set up scheduling for delivery, and manage inventory.  As you can see, the field can help business organizations make better decisions so they can reduce costs, maximize sales, and manage their team better.

GIS is also necessary for urban development from planning roads, setting up communities, and planning areas for business development.  There is a strong prospect of finding a government jobs.  Many individuals look for government jobs because of the benefits they provide so it is something that should be looked at.

There is a big demand for geographical information system jobs.  Companies are looking for all kinds of positions from a project manager, GIS developer, GIS analyst, to GIS surveyors.  The salary for the jobs range from $32,000 for entry level positions to $80,000 for experienced employees.  The average earnings in California is around $65,000 for geographic information system specialists. The earnings are based on the position and how much experience you have in the field.

So how can you qualify for geographical information system jobs?  You will have to be a university graduate with a degree in cartography or geography.  From there, you will have to figure out what kind of position is right for you.  There are many jobs available and there seems to be a great demand from companies.  However, it’s not easy for the companies to find somebody that has the experience necessary for the position.

In order to get familiar with this field, it is recommended that you subscribe to GIS newsletters, find online GIS communities, and look for GIS specific job boards.  The demand for qualified professionals has grown over 60% over the last 10 years so if you’re looking for a stable job, this is the field that you should be looking at.

In conclusion, the demand for geographic information system jobs has grown over the last decade.  The average earnings have gone up and there is a lot of room to expand in this field.  Those with experience can advance to management positions and some may even freelance as consultants for major companies.

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