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A legislator is a law maker, who is responsible for maintaining and improvising on the overall law and order situation of a country. A legislator particularly belongs to the legislative department of the government.

There are many supra national legislative bodies like the General Assembly of the United Nations says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of Examples of some regional supra national body is the Scottish Parliament, the local authorities are examples of local supra national body. There has been some separation made out between the judiciary and the executive, by the principle of Separation of Powers. It is the responsibility of the legislative department to bring about changes and look after the overall law and order situation.

Duties of the legislative advocate:

A legislative lawyer is required to perform a number of functions as stated by A. Harrison Barnes. The functions performed are listed below:

• The lawyer is required to scrutinize and investigate regulation and legislation that are pertinent throughout the administrative procedure. This also includes the process of reviewing and investigating credentials and necessary documents. The attorneys are also responsible for amending and drafting parameter to the clients and principle says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of

• The advocates are responsible for managing clientele relation, thorough understandability of the clientele needs, and analysis of the policies on client’s wellbeing. These attorneys meet with individual representatives, legislators and lobbyists from different federal and state agencies concerning legislative proposals. The attorneys play very important role in strategizing, developing and implementing strategies for amending, defeating and passing legislations in the interest of the civilians, says A. Harrison Barnes. The lawyer is responsible for arranging and making testimony for different kinds of federal and state agencies regarding the position of a particular district on different kinds of legislative items.

• Apart from this the attorney is also responsible for managing firm contacts says A. Harrison Barnes the CEO of They are responsible for holding and organizing meetings with different stake holders, such as the Governor’s Office, Air Resource Board or the State Water Resources Control Board. The lawyer may develop letters in reply to the anticipated legislation on behalf of the client of the law firm. The legislative lawyers at times may also attend workshops or meetings of the legislative committees. The advocates are required to undertake thorough researches and if necessary take help from additional support groups before preparing any testimony says A. Harrison Barnes.

• The lawyers must have knowledge about the goals, targets, organization and functions of the district programs, staffing, procedures, fiscal policies and educational programs says A. Harrison Barnes. He must analyze the rules and regulations that are required to determine practices and educational policies. Educational research must be carried out to determine the rate of child growth, their individual developments, quality of education and faculty.

• He must possess sharp interpersonal and communicative skills. The lawyer must be able to communicate effectively. The lawyer must communicate very persuasively on sensitive and technical issues. The attorney must be able to work in collaboration and cooperation with groups and individuals. He must be able to resolve any dispute arising between the staffs of the district. The lawyer must conduct thorough and detailed research in the legislative field.

Educational qualification of the lawyers:

• Those aspiring to become a legislative advocate are required to have a bachelor’s degree. He may be a graduate from the field of engineering, science, political science, public policy or economics. • He must be able to state the policy matters very persuasively and concisely. • The lawyer must possess basic knowledge about the policy making and legislative processes. He must be able to quickly grasp the issues relating to regulatory agencies, players and procedures in the state capitol. • The lawyer needs to be a computer savvy. He should be well versed with MS word, Mac OS and Microsoft Office. • The lawyers need to be self motivated; should have an eye for detail, have a plan at hand, should invariably be organized and capable of multi-tasking says A. Harrison Barnes. • The attorney must be able to analyze the reports on environmental, scientific and technical reports. He must be extremely loyal, dedicated and inquisitive about rule making and policy making.

The political scenario may not be conducive always; the lawyers may have to undertake the task of policy making in such a politically unstable situation. A legislative advocate is required to undertake a lot of responsibilities, so he must have a niche for policy making in order to excel in his legal career.

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